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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Olive Oil?
               Olive oil is a natural product - literally the fruit juice of the olive. It can have many differing tastes depending on, to name a few, the elements, variety, soil and the harvest. All of these factors can result in a plethora of flavor descriptors such as, fruity, sweet, bitter, peppery, hot, and many more. The peculiarities of the land, and the olive variety can be apparent in the colour of the oil, which might range from deep yellow to emerald green. The uniqueness of the oil is also revealed in the aroma - artichoke, green apple, freshly cut grass, nutty or toasted bread. 

Each olive oil, therefore, is unique and the result of its place of origin, climate, and the variety of olive used. However, perhaps just as importantly, it is the result of the work of local men and women who tend the trees, protect the harvest, and oversee the extraction to ensure perfect press conditions. Attention to each of these criteria results in a quality product with its own unique flavors and aromas.

What is meant by 'cold pressed'?
         Virgin olive oil is obtained exclusively by mechanical centrifugal or pressing means. The phrase 'cold pressed' is a commercial term that dates back to a period when the mills, which were less powerful and usually powered by water flow or animal power, made a second pressing with hot water. Although the term has not really been applicable for a number of decades due to the technological evolutions in the industry, it continues to be used in describing modern olive oil processing. With cold pressed olive oils, processors do not heat the fruit press, relying instead on ambient temperatures thus complimenting the folklore surrounding this old term.

What is the shelf life of olive oil?
           Low health benefit olive oils last approximately 12 months.  Higher health benefit olive oils last 18 to 24 months from harvest date. 

Does the color of the olive oil matter?
           Fundamentally no.  Color does not correlate to quality.  The color of the extra virgin olive oil is determined by type of olive and when it is harvested. People instinctively favor green incorrectly.

Can you cook with olive oil?
           It is not a good idea to fry/high heat cook with your extra virgin olive oil. You can use olive oil to “fry” an egg, and saute your vegetables.  We suggest you use safflower or grapeseed oil to fry your foods.  Some people would find it wasteful to cook with their “good” oil.  It doesn't have as much value if it is not in you.

How much do you need to use daily for health benefits?
           Studies have been done using only 2 Tablespoons a day.  We suggest taking  1Tablespoon an hour before any meal 2times a day, or before going to bed.  Do not take before exercising.

What makes one extra virgin olive oil healthier than another?
           The polyphenols in olive oil are the health benefit.  These can vary widely depending upon the kind of olive and when they are harvested.  Certain olives harvested early in the season can have extraordinarily high health benefits.

Does my olive oil have to be in a dark bottle?
           No.  It is important to be in a dark bottle only when you don't know where it has been or how it was stored before you purchased it.  Green is not a dark bottle as it would have to be “beer bottle brown” or opaque to protect it.

Where do I find high health benefit extra virgin olive oils?
           Virtually all store bought olive oils are low health benefit oils (much cheaper to make).  Additionally University of Davis found that only 3 out of 10 olive oils were not defective when purchased from a grocery store (the US Govt does not inspect olive oil).  You have to get as close to the grower as you can to have a better chance of getting good quality and a potentially high health benefit extra virgin olive oils.

I use a lot of olive oil on a regular basis, is there a way I can save money when buying olive oil from you?
         Join the Sepay olive oil club and get 15% discount off the olive oils, vinegars up to 500 ml size, and 10% off the ½-gallon size, and 10% off the olives, spreads, and giftware. To qualify you agree to buy the special oil or vinegar that we have available for our members every 3 months. Usually this runs an average of  $30. You may also substitute oils or vinegars for product you would rather have as long as this is done before shipment is sent. Of course, you can also increase your order at any time prior to shipment.

Which credit cards do you accept?
         We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Can I add to my order after it has been placed?
         Yes, you can add to an order up until the time it is shipped and no longer in our possession.

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?
         Yes, you can cancel any order or part of any order up until the time it is shipped and no longer in our possession.

How long before my order ships?
         In stock orders ship within 24 to 48 hours.

What method of shipping do you use?
         Our preferred method of shipping is USPS or Fed EX. They both offer excellent services, are extremely reliable and very reasonably priced.

What is your return policy?
         We accept returns of unopened items or items damaged in transit. Please contact us for required return authorization prior to shipping.

What did we leave out?
         As hard as we've tried to cover everything, I'm sure there is plenty we've left out. If there is something you need and don't see it here, just ask. We're always just a click away. We look forward to hearing from you.